Throughout his long and diverse career, which has now stretched to more than two decades, Nicholas Assef has built up quite a reputation as an investment advisor and crack negotiator. He has repeatedly demonstrated that he know what he is doing, and that he is certainly among the most dynamic and persuasive mergers and acquisitions investment bankers anywhere in the world. The word most people who describe Nicholas Assef’s negotiation style use more often than not is “tenacious.” That impression is likely due to his tendency to tackle deals through the use of more innovative approaches than most other investment consultants and negotiators.

Those tendencies lead many clients to come to Nicholas Assef for help because they know he will always work to make his clients’ business and wealth-building goals a reality. One of his favorite negotiation strategies includes a lot of work based on “game theory.” Mostly, this gives him an edge over others, he feels, even as it provides the best advice and most favorable result for the client and their business prospects.